About Us

About UsIt all started taking my son to the weapon range to plink a couple of shots with his Gamo. The love for weapons, the art of reloading and competing with people (that became life-long friends) quickly engulfed our universe. As much as I adored 3 gun and silhouette-shooting, I absolutely loved FT-R (Bisley). Regrettably FT-R, like most shooting disciplines, can become somewhat of a "wallet-game". With people arriving with super expensive rigs at the Nationals, you have to bring your A-Game to compete.

Apart from an expensive rig, your reloading tools also need to be second to none. Accuracy is the sum-total of various different factors, but I am sure all will agree, annealing forms an integral part of it. With the expensive high-end devices available I just knew I had to make a plan. After dismissing the butane option, the gas flame hit me as the proverbial "burning bush".

Through the lens of a thermal camera I learned that: "Fire is your friend." Besides the fact that the "flaming-process" is not sub-standard annealing, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it really is super-fast.

A 100 cases in 15 minutes - you say: "what?!" - I say: "FLAME-ON!"