Flame On FAQ


How do I know that the cartridge reaches the correct temperature?

Currently, the annealing community utilizes temperature lacquer or crayons. It works quite well, but it is expensive. Each to his own in this regard. A thermal-imaging camera demonstrates temperatures at 1 second intervals. Clearly the objective is achieved within 4 to 5 seconds and within 3 seconds for the smaller .22 Hornet, .222 and .223.

Does the cartridge-neck heat evenly without rotation?

Remember that brass is an excellent conductor of heat. Carefully look at the thermal photos - it shows that the whole neck is heated evenly.

How often do I need to anneal?

It is a personal choice. Some people only anneal after 3 shots. As a paper-target person, I anneal after every shot.


Should I drop my cartridges in water?

FAQDropping it in water ensures that the annealing process stops abruptly. With this super-fast "FLAME ON" process, the heat will not reach annealing temperatures at the cartridge-head (bottom part of cartridge).

Will I not lose the count whilst annealing?

If you are worried about that, download an interval-timer from your app store.


Can I take the largest shell-holder and use it for all my cartridges?

The shell-holders are designed to grip the case snugly. The .223 goes deep into the larger no 2 and 3 shell-holder, bringing the shell-holder too close to the flame. The larger .22-250 cartridges and larger calibres do fit the larger no 3 shell-holder, if budget is an issue.